The nutshell:

I’m a freelance copywriter, scriptwriter and director.

I have ± 15 years experience in above- and below-the-line advertising, writing, conceptualising and strategising everything

from radio campaigns and TV ads to corporate IDs and websites. I started freelancing in 2010 and it means

I work with more brands and more ridiculously talented people. It also gives me the freedom to work on film projects.

After having completed a BA Honours Motion Picture in Scriptwriting and Directing at AFDA in 2011, I have been conceptualising,

writing and directing short films, branded content, music videos, fashion films and commercials. There is also a feature-length film in its 3rd draft

and I’m happy to share this with any willing producers with big pockets out there.

I’m one of those lucky people who really loves what they do and it shows in my perseverance, enthusiasm to deliver

the best work and the amount of laughing that goes on while I do it.

I have lived in New York, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, Johannesburg and Cape Town and am currently working remotely from all sorts of places.